"Today Video Is The Best Way To Quickly Get Noticed In The Search Engines...

And The Most Compelling Sales Technique"  

If you want to get to the top of Google and other search engines, video is one of the best strategies to use. The simple fact is that Google, Yahoo, and MSN all love video on sites like YouTube and it's literally possible to get top ranking in minutes instead of months. That's possible because you ride to coat tails of sites like YouTube. Routine instructional podcasts create a demand for your web presence, products, and services before viewers even come to your web site. It pre-qualifies your audience.

...and when viewers do come to your site, nothing turns them into customer faster than establishing a trust relationship with them by using a sales based video.


Campaign to recruit authors to write articles for an article publishing site.



The Local SEO Service

The "Squeeze Page" sales video for a company that provides Search Engine Optimization services for local businesses. This video produced an extremely high opt in rate on the page.



Promotional Video For

The Vitalogy Life

This video is the introduction for the Vitalogy 7 Day Program and is also used in promoting the site www.myvitalogy.com



Promotional Video For The

Enjoy A Better World

Web Presence

This video has been placed on multiple video hosting sites targeted for multiple specific keyword phrases like "health and wealth alternatives".

The objective is to use the video to intrest viewers and encourage them to visit the Enjoy A Better World blog site.




Part 1 of the Instructional Video

The Human Energy Field


Instructional video podcasts placed on multiple video hosting sites are a strong way to develop interest in products and services before viewers visit your web site. This podcast is one in a series that instructs viewers about energy medicine in order to get prepare them to purchase energy medicine related products.

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.Promotional Video For


An important strategy for attracting viewers to your web presence is to publish promotional videos that are directed at critical keywords to video sites like YouTube and Google Video.

This video was created specifically for attracting viewers to The Vitalogy Life.



Promotional Podcast



This video was placed on about 40 different video sites in order to promote the 8ight LLC PROTECT Discs to guard against the dangers of cell phone radiation. It is done in an informative format.



Home Page Video For


The video was created to grab a first time viewers attention and create an authority trust relationship with the viewers... to encourage them to seek more information and water and water filtration.



Promotional Podcast



This video was placed on about 60 different video sites to promote a custom installed water filtration system.


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 Promotional Podcast



This is an example of a more highly edited and more "polished" video. It is designed to keep the viewers intrest while conveying some important information.