Check Out Some Of These Web Sites I've Created. I Can Assist You In Coming Up With Monetizing Strategies And A Web Presence.



Vitalogy easy exercise and diet program

A members only site offering videos on a unique diet and exercise program as a 7 Day start up program and a monthly subscription.



The best water filtration systems

A blog site for video and article information about water, water contamination, and water filtration systems. This site uses a unique strategy to get people to leave their names and emails for followup. It restricts access to major articles and videos to those people who register. As soon as they register by leaving their name and email address, they get instant access.

This blog site focuses on bringing readers unique information about

  • alternative health
  • energy medicine
  • financial health
  • the process of personal change

The objective of the blog is to provide information and tips to build a user base to market products and services to. Readers are encouraged to registered to receive the newsletter and free gifts and well as to interact on the site.

TheBEST internet training is a subscription based service that uses video and supporting documents to teach people how to do successful marketing on the internet.

 This complete web site was designed to support the entire 8ight product line under the brand name Amazing LightDiscs. The site will continue to grow with more articles and instructional material about how to use energy medicine principles in our daily lives. Typically users do not go immediately to this site. Instead they start at a sales page like the one for Amazing Sleep Discs.

If you're interested in energy medicine. This site is for you. It offers articles and products related to energy medicine. It's under construction at the moment so some of the links may not work correctly.