"Getting Viewers To Your Site Is Only Half The Job. The Other Half is Getting Them To Take An Action."

...and the most effective way to do that is with compelling sales oriented copy writing.

 When I Do Copywriting Project I Provide Full Design For Text, Audio, Video, And Graphics. Just Let Me Know What You've Got In Mind, Put Yourself In My Hands, And Watch Your Site Come To Life.

Vitalogy fun and easy exercise and diet program


Vitalogy sells a 7 Day Program that teaches people how to exercise and change their eating using easy to learn and simple to do movements and recipies.

The actual 7 Day Program product is delivered to customers at the site www.myVitalogy.com.

For an alternative, video intensive page designed to capture emails take a look at





Egyptian Rods For Healing the Human Aura Energy Field


The sales site for encouraging viewers to purchase the Egyptian Healing Rods. These are alternative medicine devices for energetic healing of the human body.





Sit back relax and let all those tensions, aches, and pains melt away with these top quality, but reasonable price robotic massage chairs. A Sales Site designed to get people to purchase massage chairs.





If you're having trouble sleeping take a look at this completely natural, drug and herb free technology based on the principles of energy medicine and oriental medicine. This technology provides great results for people who want to avoid the negative side effects of prescription and over the counter drugs.

This is one of the web sites that is promoted in the video podcast series on the Human Energy Field.



VoiPartyNews voip home business opportunity


The sales page for a new peer to peer long distance termination phone company. This page drives readers to make the decision to leave their email and get more information. Then leads are pursued by email or phone.