Rice University

Leonardo DaVinci

Oriental Medicine and Buddhism


Computer Technology


Academic Studies

I received formal academic training at Rice University in Houston, Texas. There I focused on psychology, math science, and physics. Upon graduation my career focus was in high-technology, both in employed positions and owning my own businesses. I was fascinated by Leonardo and wanted to pursue a wide area of interests including martial arts, yoga, massage, Tibetan Buddhism, and other eastern philosophies and disciplines. At the same time I pursued high-technology, management, and marketing courses.


In 1988, I began studying Chan (Zen) Buddhism under the tutelage of Master Myo Bong Snim and was first introduced to Oriental Medicine. I pursued the study of acupuncture and passed the certification exam for acupuncturists in 2000. About the same time, I learned the techniques of subtle energy medicine under the watchful eye of a South American shaman, Koginka Kamaru Wue. So I decided to combine the theories and techniques of Oriental Medicine and Energetic Medicine into a unique system called Vibratory Acupoint Balancing.

Online Technology

At the same time, I continued to pursue my interests in technology, particularly in online services and the internet. I working in the forefront of online service development ina joint project with Southwestern Bell, US Videotel, and Alcatel. Today, my interest is helping and training people to achieve their marketing goals on the internet.

A Few Consulting Customers/Employers

Napa Autoparts Online
The Real Estate Book
Southwestern Bell
8ight, LLC